One step

There is something there. Maybe far out in the mind and soul. A dream, a goal, a heart’s longing, a simple idea.  I find myself day dreaming, wondering how to cross that bridge into nirvana. How do I live out these floating dreams? 

I find that it is not in manifesting the perfection and completion of this goal because that is not what the soul seeks anyways. Often it is the journey that carries us through the right translation needed to bring any dream to the highest and more.

Beginning, It is the simple clarity of defining your first step.  That is easy. It gives you a sense of ease. We can all do one step. A small change. It might even feel indifferent, but something will shift in a direction of your passion, and a spark might occur.  

In many cases of transformation and change, I did not manifest a specific dream. More so, I imagined how I would feel in my soul and self when I achieved this goal or desire.  Even then, it never mattered at the end point. 

The destination has never a place. The moment is now, and every step is the first step towards the manifestation of life and the power inside the soul.  I promise that looking back, every time I have seen how each small step made a difference. 

I transformed.  

With this moment, 

Savage Butterflies


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