MY 5 Ways to Stay Health Motivated

Over the last year I have made some exceptional changes to respecting the areas of Mind + Body+ Soul.  It began with a commitment to the journey. Recognizing that all the small changes make the big differences.  These practices may come easily to some, while for others it may seem like a huge mountain to climb.  Regardless of your perception, every step made towards wellness is not wasted. The best part about the health journey is it is all positive!

I want to share my top 5 ways to stay motivated to my personal self care journey. It may differ for everyone as we all get our inspiration from different areas!


It might be a favorite athlete that you look up to. It might be a quote from Pinterest (find me Savage Butterflies for Piunterest Inspo). Social media makes really easy to find images, quotes, inspiring stories of others on their health journey. I found a few girls that I really looked up to which really helps during times when there is lack of motivation ( avoiding comparison, more inspiration).


It is very important to keep a journal or checklist of daily, weekly, monthly goals that you are striving for in your life. If you achieve it in a day that’s amazing! If not, try for the week, and slowly move beyond your weekly goals to monthly and yearly. Writing your goals down ultimately helps your mind and soul move the body in the direction you are intending to. You will begin to see yourself crushing goals and making new ones, looking back on the progress you have made and further motivating yourself to push your limits.


Many times when I speak to people who want to make a change in their life, they seem discouraged like it would be impossible to change the direction things are going. The truth is, it’s not! The most important thing to practice is continually trading old habits with new ones.  If you want to feel mentally clear and energized, can you give up heavy foods and drinking? If you want to get better at a sport, can you make time to practice? The most important skill I continually work on is putting in the work to make the goals happen.


Being healthy DOES NOT mean you have to be boring. Choose activities, foods, friends  that make it feel good while you are following the path to your goals. All the workouts I do are enjoyable. I love working out at the beach in the sun and sand, getting my salty air fix while breaking a sweat. Get involved with a community of individuals that enjoy doing the same activities. For example, I belong to a yoga studio that feels like family where we all encourage each other in yoga and life’s challenges. Make healthy food that still tastes good. Find new recipes and keep trying new ones until you find what works for you.


Positivity breeds more positivity. Every time you engage in any action or choice that is alignment with your goals, small or big, give yourself a load of kind words! You deserve it! Health and wellness is a non negotiable part of living life to the fullest. Each step is a step towards greatness that should be appreciated. The more you talk positive to yourself, the more motivating it will be to continue doing those same actions.

Always feel free to comment or message me with any questions or support in your journey. We are all in this together, continually inspiring each other to move higher.

xx Namaste Warrior

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A young savage girl. I am a 24 year old California native that migrated to the beautiful island of Maui. You can often find me swimming, doing yoga, surfing, drinking coffee, or creating. I love exploring new ideas and topics within health,fitness, and self-love.   I have a strong passion for ocean dwelling, beach bumming, and bikini kind of lifestyle. This space is for me to write about all my adventures and give light to the wisdom I gather whilst finding my place among the world's wildflowers.  You will find a wide range of topics that all lead back to the Mind+body+soul. I have always been a creative soul. Day dreaming of new words, fresh ideas, and a desire to connect and share with this beautiful journey of light.  Join me in the magic.

6 thoughts on “MY 5 Ways to Stay Health Motivated”

  1. Ah, I needed to hear this on so many levels.
    In the last couple of days I have been feeling that any small change that I make will make no difference, then comes the string of negative thoughts… one after the other.

    I am going to look into finding a group of women for support in my area.
    My best friend recently moved away and I feel like I have lost a limb.
    Time to find connection to be motivated and to motivate 🙌🏻

    1. Exactly! I really run out of juice or inspiration so I thought others must to! Positivity is so hard to remember, it’s so important for everything! I spend a lot of time alone because working out is kind of my recharge.. but I think tour vibe attracts the tribe. So putting it out there is the best we can do.

      1. Me too. I need to spend more time alone than not to recharge.
        I am trying to find the balance between alone time and finding connection with others.
        Thank you for the reminder to put it out there 🙏🏻❤️

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