MY 5 Ways to Stay Health Motivated

Over the last year I have made some exceptional changes to respecting the areas of Mind + Body+ Soul.  It began with a commitment to the journey. Recognizing that all the small changes make the big differences.  These practices may come easily to some, while for others it may seem like a huge mountain to climb.  Regardless of your perception, every step made towards wellness is not wasted. The best part about the health journey is it is all positive!

I want to share my top 5 ways to stay motivated to my personal self care journey. It may differ for everyone as we all get our inspiration from different areas!


It might be a favorite athlete that you look up to. It might be a quote from Pinterest (find me Savage Butterflies for Piunterest Inspo). Social media makes really easy to find images, quotes, inspiring stories of others on their health journey. I found a few girls that I really looked up to which really helps during times when there is lack of motivation ( avoiding comparison, more inspiration).


It is very important to keep a journal or checklist of daily, weekly, monthly goals that you are striving for in your life. If you achieve it in a day that’s amazing! If not, try for the week, and slowly move beyond your weekly goals to monthly and yearly. Writing your goals down ultimately helps your mind and soul move the body in the direction you are intending to. You will begin to see yourself crushing goals and making new ones, looking back on the progress you have made and further motivating yourself to push your limits.


Many times when I speak to people who want to make a change in their life, they seem discouraged like it would be impossible to change the direction things are going. The truth is, it’s not! The most important thing to practice is continually trading old habits with new ones.  If you want to feel mentally clear and energized, can you give up heavy foods and drinking? If you want to get better at a sport, can you make time to practice? The most important skill I continually work on is putting in the work to make the goals happen.


Being healthy DOES NOT mean you have to be boring. Choose activities, foods, friends  that make it feel good while you are following the path to your goals. All the workouts I do are enjoyable. I love working out at the beach in the sun and sand, getting my salty air fix while breaking a sweat. Get involved with a community of individuals that enjoy doing the same activities. For example, I belong to a yoga studio that feels like family where we all encourage each other in yoga and life’s challenges. Make healthy food that still tastes good. Find new recipes and keep trying new ones until you find what works for you.


Positivity breeds more positivity. Every time you engage in any action or choice that is alignment with your goals, small or big, give yourself a load of kind words! You deserve it! Health and wellness is a non negotiable part of living life to the fullest. Each step is a step towards greatness that should be appreciated. The more you talk positive to yourself, the more motivating it will be to continue doing those same actions.

Always feel free to comment or message me with any questions or support in your journey. We are all in this together, continually inspiring each other to move higher.

xx Namaste Warrior

Connect Beyond Differences

As we grow through experiences, new truths are constantly being revealed. They are always there, but waiting for us to reveal them.  My passion is about living these truths more deeply, and I am always intrigued to know myself in a better light so I can be more connected with humans as a whole.

Firstly, everything I write is because of a learning process I am experiencing within, and writing is a beautiful chance to express this.

Differences: It has always been hard for me to understand other people who are completely different than I.  Compassion is easy for a day, and then I become challenged again. The ego gets out of check. The moment that someone has a different way of approaching life, it makes me (ego) uncomfortable. It has always been hard to stand back to observe without judgment. I want to “fix” people in the best way I know how. Everyone’s truth is different and thinking that way will never heal the world.

Ask these questions:

What is my personality really? Is it a thing of existence? Is it actually my truest and highest self?

Imagine your voice sounded differently, would that change your personality and the way people viewed you? If so, then how can we so easily take anyone’s personality and use that a channel for judgment. Imagine we were all born into different situations, countries, religions, social backgrounds: What part of ourselves would have remained the same?

Your vibration, your personal rhythm, your soul. That is unwavering and is what we must seek in others. Find their soul, for it moves us beyond the fore front of ego and personality.

On another note, it is of the upmost importance to spend quality time with ourselves. This time is essential to heal, to reveal, to love, to do whatever thinking and processing is necessary. Whatever medium you use to connect with yourself, do that. As much as needed to uncover our truth and our soul.  Learning ourselves, even the uncomfortable details will make interactions with life so much more meaningful. The connection with others becomes so much more valuable, without carrying the weight of untapped knowledge about ourselves.

Creating space to join together in our truths that bring us together. Truths that we are all deserving of love, we all need understanding, we all need to be heard.

XX Namaste Warriors

Infinitely happy, Infintley healthy, Infintley free

Let each moment pass through your soul space only and feel your attachments, fears, stories fade to nothing. Cleanse yourself from everything negative and allow love to wash over every inch.

I am infinitely happy, healthy, and free. Close your eyes and send this message to a loved one, send it to a random person, send it to those that have hurt you.

Send it to everyone until there is nothing left but a peaceful space inside of you. Until compassion overtakes every emotion. The core understanding of each living being.

Lessons the Waves Taught Me

For the love of the ocean I was drawn to play in the waves. Living in a sleepy beach town, in California, I watched the magical ritual of all different souls connect through the movement of waves.

I want to share these lessons and gifts of surfing because maybe there is something that you might want to start, but you are afraid of failing. It can be anything new that feels intimidating.  Sometimes it is the very thing that scares you is exactly what you need. Although it was a bit intimidating at first, I am forever grateful that I began surfing for all the lessons it has taught me about life.

1.  Have fun and don’t take it too seriously

There are loads of surfers out there who will try to make surfing a serious sport. In fact, it can be serious if you want it to be. But just like in life, no one makes it out without falling. sometimes you only have a certain amount of time on the wave. Why not make it a creative expression and flow to the rhythms with harmony.  That is exactly life. We only have a short speck of time here, make it yours, and don’t take it too seriously.

2. You are capable of so much more than you think

I have often surprised myself with things that I never thought I would do. I remember when I first started surfing someone told me, ” you’ll never be able to go down the line”. That feels like so long ago, but I believed in myself and found inspiration in people who encouraged me to keep trying. Feel the freedom beyond limits and imagine all the things you can accomplish.

3. Practice makes perfect

Try again and again. Every time there is an opportunity to go out and practice, do it! Feel all the ways to use surfing as an outlet of expression for emotion.

4. To appreciate something bigger than myself

Being out in the ocean in all different conditions has humbled me many days, and given me the opportunity to feel the power of something over me. The ocean and water is a great force that should always be respected. Feel the clarity, cleansing, and raw power of the elements surrounding you.

5. It is all about balance and breath

Paddling out, you lose your breath and the excitement rushes over. A lump in the distance and your heart starts to race with anticipation. The truth is that the best way is to become one wight he waves and water. Breathing deeply and calm. Finding grace and balance when its time to take off.

I hope that everyone finds passions that sets your soul on fire, teaches you about life, and prepares you mentally and physically for everything to come. I encourage you to find your own connection with nature and yourself through something you love doing.

One step

There is something there. Maybe far out in the mind and soul. A dream, a goal, a heart’s longing, a simple idea.  I find myself day dreaming, wondering how to cross that bridge into nirvana. How do I live out these floating dreams? 

I find that it is not in manifesting the perfection and completion of this goal because that is not what the soul seeks anyways. Often it is the journey that carries us through the right translation needed to bring any dream to the highest and more.

Beginning, It is the simple clarity of defining your first step.  That is easy. It gives you a sense of ease. We can all do one step. A small change. It might even feel indifferent, but something will shift in a direction of your passion, and a spark might occur.  

In many cases of transformation and change, I did not manifest a specific dream. More so, I imagined how I would feel in my soul and self when I achieved this goal or desire.  Even then, it never mattered at the end point. 

The destination has never a place. The moment is now, and every step is the first step towards the manifestation of life and the power inside the soul.  I promise that looking back, every time I have seen how each small step made a difference. 

I transformed.  

With this moment, 

Savage Butterflies